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Putting your website at the top of Google search pages Google ad marketing report

Pay Per Click (PPC) with Google is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your website seen by new customers online. Whether your aim is to generate more traffic to your existing site, or attract those important initial customers to your brand new website, a professional Google Ads manager can help you achieve results.

We’ve teamed up with Google Ads specialists, Castlegate IT, who have the industry knowledge and experience to help you get maximum results for your money. Using a PPC marketing company like Castlegate IT to advertise on Google will ensure that you have well formatted ads, which have been created using the right keywords and are targeting the correct customers for your business.

Castlegate IT also has a team of professional in-house website developers, who will hand-build and code your website using the industry-leading WordPress platform. As experts in using WordPress, the web development agency creates bespoke features for your site such as events management, e-commerce integrations and custom online forms.

Each website also comes with its own user guide to help you feel confident in using the WordPress content management system. Castlegate IT offers unlimited ongoing support following the launch of your website.

The Castlegate Approach

“At Castlegate IT, we have a team of PPC Google Ads experts who will work with you to plan and create a strategy that will generate the maximum return on investment for your business. We will help you save money by reducing your Google paid ads spend and enable you to turn your campaign clicks into customers.
We will set up a daily or monthly spend limit, according to your needs and provide detailed reports, showing how your ads have performed. We can track everything from the number of sales you have achieved to the number of phone calls your ads have generated.
PPC google advertising can be a very effective marketing tool when managed well. With the right research, experienced team and strategy in place, you can achieve instant positive results for your website and drive even more sales for your business.”

If you have any questions, enquiries or comments, we would love to hear from you.