Cloud back-up

Keep precious files and photos safe with automated back-up to remote servers

An alarming number of home computer users don’t back up the files and data stored on their PCs and laptops. Just think of all the precious work, irreplaceable photos, videos and information that would be lost if anything happened to your computer. You could lose holiday photos, addresses, essays, accounts, homework and other files that would be difficult, time-consuming or even impossible to replace.

Safe, simple way to protect your files

A simple safeguard is to periodically save all of your files onto a separate hard drive. But if that drive is stored in your home, it’s just as vulnerable to fire or theft as your main PC. To give you complete security and peace of mind, York IT Services offers an affordable cloud back-up service. This automatically and securely backs up everything on your computer to a remote server operated by our partner Acronis.

Affordable monthly fee for complete peace of mind

You can set the frequency of back-ups to suit you – whether that’s hourly, daily, weekly or monthly – at no extra cost. It means that all of your essential files, photos and information will automatically be copied and stored safely on remote servers housed in a secure facility. You can access your files at any time via our user-friendly online portal.

We offer two levels of cloud back-up service:

  • Standard service
    For just £10 per month you have access to 100GB of secure cloud storage space. You choose how often you would like us to back up your files, and everything is done automatically.
  • Cloud back-up with technical support
    For £16 per month we provide 100GB of storage with unlimited remote technical support. That means we monitor the status of your back-ups and ensure they are running smoothly and on schedule. If there are any problems, we will contact you to rectify the issue. It gives you an added level of assurance that your precious files are in safe hands at all times.