Office 365 Cloud Backup in York

Backing up your data could be the most important thing you do for your business. If you use Office 365, York IT Services can make the process of backing up your important data so simple that you never need to think about it.

At York IT Services we take our customers’ digital security seriously. While secure wifi and anti-malware can help to protect businesses against hackers, viruses and ransomware; the only sure way to protect your company’s data is to back it up. Backing up your data onsite is a viable option, however in order to protect against physical damage we always advocate the use of cloud backup. That’s why we offer secure, affordable and fully automated cloud backup for Office 365 in York.

With a growing number of companies using Office 365, many turn to SharePoint (and other online storage platforms such as Dropbox) to store copies of important files online. But this is not the same as cloud backup. The restrictions of these websites and services (for example limited version control and a lack of automated backups) mean that using them to back up your Office 365 data can be limiting and time-consuming.

At York IT Services, we offer true cloud backup for office 365, enabling you to create automated backups of entire systems and store as many versions of them as you need. Backups are stored on remote secure servers operated by our partners Acronis.

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