Cloud back-up for businesses

Easy, affordable and secure way to mitigate against data loss in your business

For most businesses, backing up files, systems and databases on site is no longer the most effective way to ensure essential information is protected against loss. For any business, losing valuable data, records, systems or customer information could be catastrophic – and a risk you can’t afford to take.

The safest and simplest way to safeguard your data is to back it up to a remote server located away from your site. By partnering with Acronis, York IT Services can offer a secure, robust and easily accessible back-up service for all of your business systems.

Automated back up at a frequency to suit you

The service requires no extra work from anyone in your business, since all back-ups take place automatically at a frequency to suit you – whether that’s hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. We can back up all of your business files and systems, including company data, MS Exchange and SQL databases. Our back-up systems are compatible with all ‘virtual machine’ configurations, so we can replicate all of the virtual servers on your system.

Restore your business data at any time

It means that if you ever experience problems with your systems or lose computer hardware through fire or theft, we will have everything fully backed up so you can quickly restore your data and keep your business operational. You can access your backed up data at any time, using our secure online portal. Your data will be fully protected by the latest security systems.

For an extra level of protection and reassurance, we can also back up your data to a secondary hard drive at the same time as we back up to our cloud server.

Affordable monthly fee – a small price to pay for total peace of mind

The cloud back-up service is available for an affordable monthly fee, starting from just £30 + VAT for 150GB of secure storage space. For a small additional fee we can also provide technical support. This involves monitoring your back-up systems and stored data every day to ensure everything is running smoothly, and helping to rectify any issues that may arise.

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