VoIP telephony

Cloud telephony for businesses – enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony enables you to make and receive calls from any internet-connected device. VoIP technology simply uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines to connect your calls.

BT is gradually withdrawing standard telephone and ISDN lines for businesses, which means VoIP services will soon become the only option. The good news is that VoIP technology offers significant benefits over traditional landline telephones. It allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere via your business phone number – enabling you to maintain professionalism and remain easy to contact, wherever you’re working. You won’t even have to change your existing phone numbers. It also means you don’t have to give your personal mobile number to business contacts – helping to maintain a separation between your work and personal life.

York IT Services offers a complete cloud telephony service to get your business up and running with VoIP technology. We use the VoIP services within Microsoft Teams, which most businesses are familiar with and already have installed. It makes the transition to VoIP even more straightforward. We set up all profiles for you, port over your existing phone numbers, install and set up any VoIP-enabled handsets you need, and train all staff on how to use the system.

Once you’re set up, your whole team will be able to make and receive calls via Microsoft Teams on their mobile devices, desktop or laptop computers, or using VoIP-compatible telephones

You simply pay a flat monthly fee per user. This includes all calls to UK landlines and mobiles. So your telephony is easy to manage and budget, while giving your team the freedom to work professionally from anywhere.