Virtual server hosting

All the benefits of your own server – with no capital outlay or maintenance

If your business needs to store files, directories and data on a server, but you don’t want to invest in your own in-house sever, York IT Services can provide a virtual server hosted in our secure datacentre.

That gives you all the storage capacity and capabilities of an in-house server, without the capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Your data and files are easily accessible, whenever you need them, and we maintain and manage the server on your behalf.

You can use a virtual server for just as long as you need it. For example, if you are developing a new application or service that you need to test, you can store the necessary data and carry out your tests on your virtual server. Once the work is done, you can close down the server.

Or you can choose to use your virtual server for the long term. It’s a completely flexible way to access the benefits of having your own server.